Wellness Tea Collection - Night Time

  • $30.00

Relax your mind and body with mellow, lightly sweet, and luxurious flavors like chamomile, caramel, and lavender that help you relieve stress and anxiety. This carefully curated collection offers a series of options that allow you to take peaceful, mindful moments for yourself.

  • 40 teabags. 10 brands. Plus10 counts of 100% pure clover honey sticks.
  • Perfect for gifting. Explore calming flavors for you, or someone who can use some zen.
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  • Dimension: 9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 9.8 oz
Featured Herbs
Passion Flower

What's Included

4 teabags of each variety below. 40 teabags total. Plus 10 counts of 100% pure clover honey sticks.

  • Delightful!
    A really great way to start a new nighttime routine. The teas are wonderful! It came with a little contents card. We have been adding our comments and results of the teas, as we make our way through them. This is a very fun way to try a lot of different kinds of teas.

    by Martin

    by Martin