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Our Mission

We believe in the power of tea to transform and heal. That's why Sippingly brings together the finest wellness teas from around the globe. From rare finds to beloved classics, our marketplace is a celebration of the tea ritual and its place in a modern wellness lifestyle.

The Sippingly Difference

Diverse. Quality. Unique.

Our extensive collection, from detoxifying greens to soothing herbal blends, is designed to cater to every health goal and taste preference.

More Than Just Tea

Elevate your wellness journey with exclusive insights and rituals. Learn the art of tea drinking for health and pleasure with Sippingly.

A Community of Wellness

Join tea lovers and wellness enthusiasts alike in our community. Share stories, recipes, and tips, and connect over the love of tea.

โ€œA delightful surprise each month! ๐ŸŒŸ I've been a member for 3 months now, and it's truly transformed my tea-drinking experience. Each blend is a new adventure, and I love how they're tailored to my taste. Plus, the wellness benefits are a huge bonus!โ€

– Cat Mommy

"Perfect for trying new brands without buying a full box. Loved the selection and found a few new favorites. Would be great as a gift!"

– Mandy L