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The Gift of Wellness

Share the Joy of Sipping Wellness

The wellness gifts that show you truly care.

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Treat your special someone to the surprise of Sippingly. Gift cards can be applied to subscriptions, members exclusive sales and any shop purchases on our site.

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Why Gift Sippingly?

Diverse. Quality. Unique.

Our extensive collection, from detoxifying greens to soothing herbal blends, is designed to cater to every health goal and taste preference.

More Than Just Tea

Elevate your wellness journey with exclusive insights and rituals. Learn the art of tea drinking for health and pleasure with Sippingly.

A Community of Wellness

Join tea lovers and wellness enthusiasts alike in our community. Share stories, recipes, and tips, and connect over the love of tea.

“My boyfriend is the tea drinker. He likes the night time stuff n we both dont care much for licorish which sadly most nighttime teas have. This assortment was awesome! It has several that were really good he's drinking all of them. I highly recommend this assorted set.”

– Joanna

“Awesome. Well packaged, and professional appearance. Excellent for gifting to yourself or others! Trying one tea a night and making notes about what I liked of each one. Super fun and so far the teasbare delicious..”

– Michelle