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Sip Consciously

At Sippingly, we believe you have a right to know what you're sipping. Committed to transparency, our focus is to provide you with delicious, natural, and organic teas that yield maximum health benefits. Embrace our guiding ethos: "Sip Your Way into Wellness."

Curated Wellness in Every Sip

Navigating the vast world of wellness teas shouldn't be daunting or time-consuming. That's where we step in. We dive deep, curating only the best from like-minded brands, ensuring every sip you take is infused with quality and wellness. We shoulder the hard work, so you can sit back and savor wellness with every sip.

Sip Your Way into Wellness

Our aspiration goes beyond providing teas. Our tagline, "Sip Your Way into Wellness," is more than words—it's our driving force. We aim to inspire and propel our cherished community towards a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle—one delightful sip at a time.

Meet the Founder

Phoebe's Journey

A native of Taiwan, Phoebe's roots are steeped in a rich heritage of tea leaves, spices, fresh herbs, and choice botanicals, celebrated both as health elixirs and everyday pleasures. But Sippingly's origin is also anchored in a modern mom's quest—a pursuit for balanced wellness amidst the hustle. Tired of investing in teas that didn't resonate with her palette or health goals, Phoebe envisioned a platform where flavor met health, where hydration married wellness. And thus, Sippingly was born—a harmonious blend of tradition, passion, and modern-day wellness.

Elevate Your Daily Wellness Ritual

From morning to evening, let's hydrate with health in mind. Explore and find the tea ritual tailored to your health need.