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Matcha Genmaicha

Matcha Genmaicha brews a delightfully flavorful emerald green cup of tea with a rich, roasted aroma and is one of Japan's favorite varieties of tea. Matcha Genmaicha TeaPacs are made with first flush Shizuoka sencha, a high grade of Japanese roasted rice, and matcha. The addition of matcha gives the tea a smooth mouthfeel and an added umami flavor. Each TeaPac foil package contains a polysilk tea bag of premium tea. Designed to keep tea at its freshest, our TeaPacs delivers a flavorful, aromatic cup every time. 
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vegetal, nutty

Steep 1 teabag in 12 oz 175º F water for 1 minute. For iced tea, steep 1 teabag in 12 oz iced water for 15 minutes.

Premium green tea, roasted rice

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