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Golden Milk

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Experience pain relief with this HERBAL TEA's mix of healthy spices and experience better health with its anti-inflammatory properties

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. (KTERC). KTERC is the first certified organic tea garden in Nepal that was established in 1984 by Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota to rid his community of poverty. It remains a model social enterprise still today, that runs on cooperative infrastructure and is truly focused on the people and planet before profit.

Production Process
Organic turmeric and ginger are produced in our own farm in eastern Nepal by our local farmers. During the winter, these spices are planted underground and harvested after about 10 months. The raw herbs are then sun dried to reduce the moisture content to the desired level and then grinded to make fine powder. These powdered herbs (ginger and turmeric) are then mixed with hints of black pepper and cinnamon powder to enhance the flavors and health properties of our golden milk turmeric tea.

While golden milk tea recipes have become very popular in the past few years, turmeric has long been known as a superfood and has been used as a medicinal herb. With multiple requests from our valued customers, we worked with none other than our founder’s parents to develop this simple, yet effective recipe. It’s customary in Nepal to drink a warm cup of golden milk tea before bedtime in the winter.

Who is Organic Golden Milk for?
This organic golden milk tea is for anyone who already loves turmeric as a spice and as a superfood. This golden milk powder blend can be made in milk, water, or can be mixed with smoothies and juices. Mixed with warm milk, this herbal blend makes the perfect comforting drink before bed.

All Natural. Vegan.

Gluten Free

GMO Free


Zero Calories

Great Source of Vitamins & Minerals

Strengthen Immunity Naturally*

Support Healthy Digestion*


Sweet ginger, turmeric, pepper

Steep 2g in 8 oz 210º F water for 5 minutes, or until desired strength. For iced tea, steep 4g, cool and pour over ice.

Organic turmeric, organic ginger, cinnamon powder and black pepper