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Unwinding Passionflower

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Wind down for the night with this smooth and warming herbal blend which combines chamomile and passionflower to support a good night’s sleep. Passionflowers, grown across the Americas, have a long tradition of being used by indigenous peoples, including the Aztecs of Mexico and Native Americans in the U.S., to support restful and natural sleep patterns. 

Caffeine free

Health Benefits

All Natural. Vegan.

Gluten Free

GMO Free


Low Calories

Great Source of Vitamins & Minerals

Overall Mind Body Relaxation

Support Restful Sleep

Brand Story


Step into the rich history of Twinings, a British tea company that has been perfecting their blends since 1706. Known for their dedication to quality and their diverse selection, Twinings' collection of healthy teas connects you to a centuries-old tradition of tea enjoyment.