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Organic Culinary Matcha Sticks

Bring good health and energy with you everywhere you go. Our convenient Organic Culinary Matcha Sticks allow you to enjoy matcha whenever, wherever. Whether you're off to work at the office, headed to the gym, escaping to the beach, or spending a day in the library, you can now bring along a full serving of organic matcha goodness with you. Just add the matcha to your bottle of water, shake, and enjoy! Add it to milk or smoothies too to really brighten up your daily routine. You'll always be on top of your game with a matcha stick in your pocket.
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full bodies, creamy vegetal taste

Pour 1 stick into 8 oz 185º F water or milk and stir well. For iced tea, use 2 sticks, cool and pour over ice.

Organic matcha

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