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Vanilla Chai

Perfect for a natural caffeine free boost, our Vanilla Chai tea has been expertly blended vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, & more. Created by herbal experts and nutritionists, this tea combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom to naturally support your energy. Each compostable tea bag is full of essential oils and the highest quality herbs, specifically sourced for their revitalizing properties. Inhale the spicy aromas, sip the delicious herbs, and flourish in the day ahead.
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warm, aromatic and mildly spiced

Steep 1 teabag in 8 oz boiling water for up to 15 minutes, or until desired strength. For iced tea, steep 2 tea bags, cool and pour over ice.

100% organic ingredients: Cinnamon bark (40%), ginger root, licorice root, sweet fennel seed, cardamom pod, vanilla flavors (5%).

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